The network Partners

IMK Engineering GmbH

The IMK Engineering GmbH is a service provider in the fields of construction, calculation, electronic design, simulation, documentation, prototyping as well as production of individual vehicle concepts. The portfolio of the company contains special-purpose vehicles, development of gear-boxes, mining equipment as well as concepts for electric mobility.

Areus Engineering GmbH

The Areus Engineering GmbH is a service provider in the field of soft and hardware development in the fields of automotive, industrial control engineering as well as health technology. Electric mobility is also one of its fields of activity.

Wätas Wärmetauscher Sachsen GmbH

The Waetas GmbH is producing heat exchanger, electric heat pumps and their components as well as heating stations. For years the company has been focusing also on energetic processes as well as on the optimization of existing processes and the use of energy since many years.

IGF Chemnitz GmbH

The IGF Chemnitz GmbH develops software in the field of facility management and industrial facility management. Furthermore the company focusses on multiprogramming and the work with structured data bases as well as exchange of data and graphic interlinking.

IWC Engineering GmbH

The IWC Engineering GmbH is a service provider in the field of electric installation as well as the maintenance and supervision of technical systems. It is responsible for supervision of several hardening plants and the maintenance of their processes. Furthermore the company is active in the field of resource efficiency, e.g. in the development of new energetic concepts for hydraulic components.

Hochdruck- und Sonderhydraulik Leipzig GmbH

The HSL GmbH is specialized in designing and manufacturing of hydraulic components for the range of pressure from 700 to 5000 bar. In addition the company focusses on new forms of energy reclamation basing on hydraulic processes.

HyPneu GmbH

The HyPneu GmbH is a provider for hydraulic and pneumatic systems and offers individual solutions for all industries. Besides the development of systems the company has been specialized in the field of distribution of single components as well as the maintenance of hydraulic or pneumatic components.

Axxellon GmbH

The Axxellon GmbH is a service provider and developer in the field of battery systems. The portfolio contains own developed battery management systems as well as energy storages. The company has a lot of experiences in the field of lithium technology and is developing and producing a Lithium-Iron-Phosphates battery.


The company is a modern service provider for multiple tasks in the field of heat treatment like case-hardening, compensating, annealing, nitrating and nitro-carburizing. Furthermore it provides induction hardening of components and tools for all branches of the metal-working industry.

Bäckerei Lüttel

The bakery Lüttel is a traditional family business with several stores. The company is engaged in the field of energy efficiency in the way that it operates own CHPs (combined heat and power plant) as well as the use of electric vehicles.

The network partners: 


IMK Engineering GmbH, MSE Micro Solutions Engineering GmbH, Wätas Wärmetauscher Sachsen GmbH, IGF Chemnitz GmbH, IWC Engineering GmbH, Hochdruck- und Sonderhydraulik Leipzig GmbH, HyPneu GmbH, Axxellon GmbH, HTM GmbH, Bäckerei Lüttel